Wildly You Business Retreat

Wildly You Business Retreat

Wonderfully Made Client: Wildly You
Recipients: Business Women Attending the Wildly You Business Retreat in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Gift Goals: To give a gift that expresses love and care for the recipients upon their arrival to the retreat... and to make them feel warm & cozy!
Other Details: Wants all gifts to be slightly different in color combination, to make each recipient feel unique.

Packaging: Wooden keepsake gift box engraved with recipient's first name, filled with wood excelsior, wrapped in chiffon ribbon, and sealed with a mini flower bouquet and a gold wax seal.
Items used, designed and sourced by Wonderfully Made:
- Stocking Cap
- Soft Slouch Socks
- 12oz Ceramic To-Go Mug
- 4oz "I am Tranquil" Candle
- 1oz Tea Chocolate Bar
- Vial of Matches

I loved creating these gifts for Chrystal (the hostess of the retreat), and I know the recipients felt showered with love and care upon receiving these beautiful gifts. If you're in need of gifts for an upcoming event or for your business, click here to inquire!

Happy Gifting,

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