Why We Love Shipping Direct To Your Recipient

Why We Love Shipping Direct To Your Recipient

We have a heart for making connection-focused, memorable gifting simple for you.

If you're new here: Hi! We're Wonderfully Made Gifting Company. We specialize in designing thoughtfully curated, luxury gift boxes filled with intentionally selected items from our favorite brands and small businesses for you to give to those closest to you. In addition to providing you with designer gifts, another way in which we help make memorable gifting simple for you is by shipping your gifts directly to your recipient.

Providing the option to ship your gift to your recipient for you {complete with a handwritten card from you to your recipient, which you never had to pick up a pen to write} was an easy decision. Here's why:

1. Convenience: We know life can get busy, and finding time to stand in long lines at the post office or run across town to hand-deliver a gift can be, well, not ideal. With our easy-to-use online gift shopping platform, you can order a luxury gift box in the 5-10 minute gaps of your schedule, and tell us whose doorstep you'd like the gift delivered to. This could be someone 2 doors down from you, or someone on the other side of the country! We'll do all the gift packaging and communicating with the post office for you.

2. Thoughtfulness: When you ship one of our gift boxes directly to someone you care about, it's more than just another gift - it's a thoughtful gesture that shows you care. We take the time to carefully design each gift box to include items that we know your loved one will adore. And because we work with small businesses and independent makers, you can feel good knowing that your gift supports local communities and helps to promote sustainability. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

3. Surprise and Delight: Who doesn't love a good surprise? There's nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a surprise gift in the mail. When your client or loved one receives a curated gift box {something they've likely never received before}, it's sure to bring a smile to their face and make their day a little brighter.

    At Wonderfully Made, we believe that gift-giving should be a joy, not a chore. That's why we've made it easy and convenient to ship a thoughtfully curated gift box directly to those closest to you. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to show someone you care, we are here to connect you with your recipient; near or far.

    Happy gifting, friends!

    xx The WM Team

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