What Is On-Demand Shipping?

What Is On-Demand Shipping?

We’re thrilled that you want learn more about our on-demand shipping option!

In short:

Our on-demand shipping option (available for bulk or custom gifting only) is where we store your gifts and ship them on an as-needed basis.

In long:

We understand that many companies love giving gifts to clients, sponsors, employees, donors, and other VIPs throughout the year. We also know that these companies typically like to order in bulk, and/or have us create gifts unique to their brand (a.k.a. custom gifting).  So, what happens when we put together 10+ gifts for a company but the gifts don’t need to be sent out all at one time?

You've got it... on-demand shipping.

We'll put the gifts together for you, and then we hold onto them until you tell us who to send a gift to, and what you would like handwritten on the card. We'll hold the gifts for you for up to one year and ship them to whomever you want, whenever you want.

Our on-demand shipping option is just another way in which we make memorable gifting simple for you.

Give an intentional gift; share a crafted moment.

xx The Wonderfully Made Team

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