Top 5 Wedding Client Gifts

Top 5 Wedding Client Gifts

Are you a wedding professional looking for client gift ideas? Whether you're a wedding photographer, wedding DJ or a wedding planner, we specialize in designing, creating and delivering tastefully authentic, luxury gift boxes for clients. We would love to make your client gifts memorable and the process of giving the gifts simple.

Below are 5 of our most popular pre-designed gifts that can be used not only as onboarding gifts for wedding clients; but also client gift boxes that can be delivered at any point during your clients experience: 3 months out from their wedding, offboarding or even a first anniversary or housewarming gift.

With any of these gifts, you'll be able to personalize the gift by adding a custom engraving to the lid of the wooden gift box. This luxe box can be reused as a place for the couple to keep their wedding keepsakes. The engraving could be your logo, the couple's last name, the date of the wedding, or anything you'd like.

These gifts are ready to order, and include a card of your choice (we can even handwrite the message for you).

A reminder that if none of these pre-designed gifts seem in alignment with the couple you're serving, you can always design your own gift using our Build-A-Box page.

Here are our top 5 wedding client gifts:

1. Movie Night

"Take a night to reconnect" is what this classy, movie night gift box will tell the couple. This gift has all they need to plop down on the couch after a long week to enjoy a movie and a card game; just add the TV. 


2. The Homebody

The ultimate in artisan housewarming gifts, our stunning 'The Homebody' gift box is sure to wow the couple with its shades of terracotta and creams, and luxe contents for the home.


3. Blissful Mrs.

Timeless, meaningful and unhurried, this gift box encourages the bride to slow down, and take note of the blessings and beauty that surround her during the days leading up to the wedding.


  • 4" "Mrs." stoneware ring dish by Sweet Water Decor
  • 4.1" x 5.8" "Little Notes" vegan leather notebook by Chickidee
  • Honey & Rose calming room spray by Chickidee
  • Slim gold pen by Wonderfully Made
  • Gold hair claw by Wonderfully Made

4. Sunday Morning

Our signature 'Sunday Morning' gift box is perfect for the couple who enjoys slow mornings together, and creating lovely memories while enjoying delicious syrup-hugged pancakes.


5. Keepsake Boxes

Already have the gift items, but need a gift "vessel" to place them in? Our signature, raw white pine box with a drop-in lid is the perfect piece. Your couple will be able to reuse our keepsake gift boxes to store their treasured possessions that they gather from their wedding day or over the span of their marriage!

The box can be delivered to you as a "gift kit" where we include wood excelsior filler, luxe ribbon, greenery and a wax seal. You'll also have the option to add a custom engraving to the lid of the box.

Sizes available (inside dimensions):
9" x 6.5" x 3.25"
9" x 9" x 3.25"
13" x 9" x 3.25"

We hope you enjoy giving these gifts to your clients!

- The WM Team

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