Semi-Custom Gifts for Sanford Health Donors

Semi-Custom Gifts for Sanford Health Donors

Wonderfully Made Client: Sanford Health
Recipients: Sanford Health Foundation Donors
Gift Goal: Give a thank-you gift to 12 donors
Other Details: Sanford liked The Old Fashioned gift box from our Pre-Designed collection. However, they needed more than we currently had in stock, and wanted to add a specific brand of whisky to the gift box. They reached out via email, and we were happy to accommodate and order in the quantity they needed! 

Packaging: 9" x 13" stained wooden keepsake gift box with luxe striped ribbon, a gold wax seal and greenery The inside was filled with black crinkle paper filler to gently hold the items in place.

Items used, designed and/or sourced by Wonderfully Made:

This classy, decadent gift box offered all the items needed for their donors to craft the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail, and expressed the foundation's sincerest thanks to them for their generous donations throughout the year.

If you're in need of gifts for an upcoming holiday, event or for your business, click here to inquire about our custom gifting services. Like Sanford Health Foundation, you can also shop our website and reach out if you're in need of more of a gift box design than we currently have in stock, or if you'd like to make some slight modifications to a design. We're more than happy to order in the inventory for, tweak, and professionally package up the gifts you need!

Happy Gifting!
- The WM Team

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