5 Reusable Vessels For DIY Gifts

5 Reusable Vessels For DIY Gifts


At Wonderfully Made, we love packaging our luxury gifts in designer, reusable vessels. We believe that the presentation and sustainability of the entire gift is just as important as the items inside.

We are also completely aware that our beautiful, pre-designed gift boxes are not always the right fit for you and the occasion you need to gift for. But we'd still love to help you come up with a truly memorable gift for your recipient! So, we've compiled a list of our top 5 vessels you could use when putting together your own presentable and sustainable gift. Enjoy!

1. Oversized Mugs from Target starting at $7

You're typically looking at getting 14oz+ for size. This will fit plenty of items, and you won't have to worry about them falling out! You can also find some fun oversized mugs at Amazon, World Market, Walmart... or at your local pottery maker's shop (our fav - support local!).

2. Coiled Rope Basket from Target starting at $8

You can never go wrong with a basket. It could be reused for decorations, holding toiletry items in a bathroom, displaying fruit in the kitchen, or a place to put keys! This gift shown utilizes the 11" coiled rope basket from Target.

3. Wooden Crates from Amazon starting at $11

These come in all different shapes, depths and colors. Again, after the gift's been opened, it's perfect for decorations, kitchen/pantry displays, bathroom storage or for the dog's toys!

4. Picnic Baskets from Walmart starting at $18

We LOVE putting food items into picnic baskets. And after the food is gone, who wouldn't want to refill it with more picnic goodies for next weekend's picnic outing?? Who knows, you could start a new tradition for your recipient.

5. Wooden Keepsake Gift Boxes from Wonderfully Made starting at $30

That's right! We sell our wooden keepsake boxes as stand-alone items. Just click the link above, choose the size you want, tell us if you want the box to be empty, or filled with wood excelsior and to include the greenery, ribbon & wax seal. Then, add a custom engraving if you'd prefer! The keepsake gift box will be shipped to you, and you can fill it with the items you've purchased!

Happy Gifting!

xx The WM Team

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