Our Best-Selling Christian Gift Boxes

Our Best-Selling Christian Gift Boxes

Hi friends! I wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes/history of this company with you today, as well as giving you some ✨soulful✨ gift ideas that I know you'll absolutely love giving! Enjoy this quick read, and please comment at the end if you found value in this blog post, or have any thoughts/encouragement for me or my team. I appreciate you so much!

x Kelsey (owner of Wonderfully Made)


When I started this business, I had the intention of every gift box being Christ-based. Meaning, somewhere in each gift box there would be an item with a bible passage, a cross, or something else indicating it was a Christian gift. And I loved creating these Christian-themed gift boxes! However, as I got to know my customers, I realized that the majority of people looking for pre-put-together gift boxes were in the business world and looking to give to clients, donors, etc. This meant that they typically did not want Christian pieces in each gift box. So, I continued creating Christian gifts here and there, but also gift boxes that didn't have a Christian piece in them.

Right away I felt I was doing something wrong; like my business needed to be a little light for Christ via the items placed in each gift box. I also felt like I was a bad business owner because of this shift I had to make in my business at about 6 months in. BUT, before I got down on myself, I realized 2 things...

First off, every business does some sort of shape shifting - especially in its beginning stages. This is normal, natural, and A-OK. I eventually saw that I was just slowly morphing my business into an even better version of itself.

Second, it became clear to me that just because not ALL of my gifts would have a Christian piece in them, didn't mean my company wasn't Christ-based. I knew that if A) I could still create beautiful, intentional gifts meant to draw people closer together, and B) run a business with Christian-values at its core, God didn't need a mug that said "Jesus Loves You" in the gift to do His work through Wonderfully Made.

I've loved creating all 1400+ gift boxes for my customers over the last 2 years. Whether there's a Christian piece in the gift or not, I know God's working through each intentionally designed gift; even if that "just" looks like bringing a smile to someone's face. God uses us, our talents and our businesses in all different ways, and we need to trust that if we're using the talents He's given us to their fullest potential, He will bless the work being done through us.

Today I do specifically want to share with you the Christ-themed gift boxes I currently offer on my website (with more to come in the Summer collection launch!). They've each been curated with a specific type of person or situation in mind, and I pray one is a gift you can give to a friend, family member or coworker in your life to help lift them up in whatever way they need 🤍.

1. Remind them of God's constant peace and presence in their home with the Bless This Home gift box.


Bring the couple or family closer together over dinnertime with the Christian-themed Tabletop Questions cards, and add small reminders of God's presence in their home with the "bless this home" keychain and "Joy Comes In The Morning" tea towel. This gift box also includes 4 rattan coasters and vanilla caramels. All packaged in our signature wooden keepsake gift box (and don't forget to have us engrave your recipient's favorite bible passage on the lid of the box!)

2. Desktop encouragement is what you'll gift through the Work & The Word gift box.

This gift box is intentionally designed for a female friend, coworker or employee who loves luxe office items and Christ-inspired accessories. Your recipient will enjoy taking a moment to write down her daily thoughts inside the classy, linen journal while sipping on a hot drink from her new, and much-needed to-go mug. "Encouragement For The Workplace" cards will help her stay focused on the goals for the day and God's plan for her life. When the workday is done, she'll grab her keys, and be reminded by the tasseled keychain that "kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul", and pause as she walks out the office doors to tell her colleague that he's doing an amazing job.

3. Grace her prayer space (whether that's her closet, the school pick-up line or her desk) with the Prayer & Peace gift box.

Imagine: A Daughter of the King, sitting at her desk; heart bowed in prayer. Her prayer journal is open, and a pen is in hand; a candle is lit to bring some peace to the chaos around her. After praying for what's at the forefront of her mind, she finds inspiration from a prayer card for other things to pray or give thanks for. Then, she looks up to see her favorite floral sticker, maybe placed on her water bottle or laptop; an hourly reminder that if God cares for the wildflowers, how much more must He care for her. And she smiles. She is loved. She is at peace.

4. Not seeing a Christian gift quite right for your recipient? Build-A-Box is a great place to go to create a gift unique to your recipient or the occasion.


Thanks for being here. Here's to giving from the soul 🥂.


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