Jane Rae Events

Jane Rae Events

We recently had the honor of designing and putting together the most adorable client-welcome gifts. Jane Rae Events, a wedding planning company, through our custom gifting services, asked for a simple, on-brand gift design that would express their sincere appreciation to each couple they work with. Their brand colors are light, dusty blue, and white with gold accents. They wanted something different, usable, and memorable; requesting to utilize our on-demand shipping option where we store bulk-order gifts and ship them throughout the year as needed.

Here’s what they’ll be giving to their clients:

This gift is tasteful, useful, and on-brand {but not about the brand}. We’re so happy they entrusted their client gifts to us and we’re looking forward to sending these gifts throughout 2024/2025!

You can learn more about our custom gifting services HERE.

Take care,
The WM Team

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