How To Write A Sincere Just-Because Letter

How To Write A Sincere Just-Because Letter

In our fast-paced digital age, few things can compare to the beauty of a handwritten letter. A just-because letter, sent without any particular reason other than to connect, is a lovely way to show someone you care. At Wonderfully Made Gifting Company, we are all about these meaningful connections and the simple joy they bring. Here's how to structure a sincere just-because letter that will bring a little warmth into your recipient's day.

01. Begin With A Thoughtful Greeting

Your greeting sets the tone for the entire letter. Start with a warm and personal greeting that reflects your relationship with the recipient. Avoid generic phrases and instead, opt for something heartfelt and sincere.

Try one of these:
- "Hello {Name} my dear friend,"
- "Hey {Name}, sending a little sunshine your way,"
- "Dear {Nickname/Name only you refer to them as},"

02. Let Them Know Your Reason for Writing

Although a just-because letter doesn’t need a specific occasion, it’s nice to let the recipient know why you felt compelled to write. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about them, or you want to share a special memory.

Here are some examples:
- "I was at the store the other day and saw {this}, which made me think of you. So I wanted to reach out!"
- "I was reminiscing about {this memory together} and felt inspired to write to you."
- "Just a little note to brighten your day and let you know you're in my thoughts."

03. Share Personal Updates or Stories

This is the heart of your letter. Share a little about what’s been happening in your life, any recent experiences, or reflections. Keep it personal and genuine. This part of the letter strengthens your connection and shows that you want to include the recipient in your life.

You could structure it like this:
- "Believe it or not, I've taken up gardening, and it's brought so much peace to my days! And actually, I planted some daisies that reminded me of the ones you love."
- "Last weekend, we visited the old bookstore we used to go to, and it brought back so many wonderful memories of our time together. Do you remember that time when {memory}?"

04. Ask About Their Life

Show interest in the recipient’s life by asking open-ended questions. This invites them to share their own stories and updates when they write back. It also shows that you genuinely care about their well-being and experiences.

- "How have you been spending your days lately?"
- "I’d love to hear about what’s new and exciting in your life."
- "Are there any books or hobbies you’ve been enjoying recently?"

05. Include a Thoughtful Reflection or Encouragement

Add a personal touch by reflecting on your relationship, expressing gratitude, or offering words of encouragement. This part of the letter can be deeply touching and memorable.

- "I am so grateful for our friendship and the joy you bring into my life."
- "You continue to inspire me every day."
- "Remember, I’m always here for you, no matter what."

06. End With A Warm Closing

Your closing should be as heartfelt as your greeting. Choose a sign-off that feels natural and loving.

You could try:
- "Warm hugs,"
- "Love always,"
- "Take care,"
- "Sending smiles,"

07. Add a Personal Touch

If you have a small memento to include, such as a pressed flower, a print of a favorite quote, or a tiny drawing, it can add a special touch to your letter.


Writing a just-because letter is a beautiful way to slow down, connect, and share a piece of your heart with someone special. It’s a reminder of the joy found in simple, intentional living and the importance of nurturing our relationships. At Wonderfully Made Gifting Company, we celebrate these moments of connection. So take a moment, pick up a pen, and let your words bring a smile to someone’s face.

Warm hugs,

- The WM Team


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