How To Design Client Gifts That Are In Alignment With Your Brand

How To Design Client Gifts That Are In Alignment With Your Brand

Curating distinct and memorable client gifts in our high-end, gentle businesses can be a daunting task.

We're unsure of exactly what to get each client.

We question if the gifts we do give will be appreciated by our clients in the way we had hoped.

We worry about how much time it might take us to put together gifts that reflect our brands' souls.

We want the gifts to be given at just the right time, so our clients feel truly appreciated.

Because of this, we find ourselves either giving last-minute gifts that don't fully align with our business' values and style, or we decide to not give client gifts at all {a tragedy, as connection-focused gifts in an extraction-based world are one of the most powerful tools you can utilize in your business}.


Yet, you're reading this post for a reason. You want to learn exactly how to design client gifts that align with your brand and values. You truly desire for your gifts to connect with your clients on more than just a transactional level. You want your gifts to leave them feeling reassured that they chose the right {insert your profession here}. And you want your clients to feel incredibly appreciated and encouraged in more ways that your services alone can offer. 

And so, as a professional gifter, I've laid out my top 5 tips for designing client gifts that are in alignment with your brand.

Just remember, these are simply tips. By no means am I going to tell you exactly what you should give your clients; that's up to you to research and decide. However, my hope is that these 5 tips will lead you right to the doorstep of what you would consider "the perfect gift for your much-loved-and-appreciated clients".

1. Remember, you are connecting with them.

Chances are, as a connection-focused, gentle business owner, your first thought when considering giving client gifts is that you desire to connect with your client on a deeper level. If so, I'm thrilled that this is the case. Your heart is in the right place.

However, even when your heart is in the right place, it's easy to let a few non-connection-focused thoughts sneak into our gift decision-making. Take a look at the 3 common thoughts below, and steer your gift designs away from these and all the way back to your client.

"Where should I put my logo on the gift?"

I see/hear this question a lot. And while I don't want to poo-poo you for thinking this way {you're so proud of the business you've created, and you should be!}, you must remember that your clients have already hired you. There's no need to make your gift into a marketing piece. This gift is about them, not about advertising your brand. Incorporate your brand's colors/patterns if you'd like, but a truly connection-focused gift doesn't shout your already-known-name at your client.

Side tip: If you truly must include your logo somewhere, do so by adding in a simple sticker of your logo, a branded "thank you" card, or, in the case of the business owners who purchase my luxury gift boxes, engrave your logo and a thoughtful message on the underside of the wooden keepsake box's lid.

"What's the least amount of money I can spend on this gift?"

I understand you won't have an unlimited budget for each client's gift, but going "as cheap as possible" just to save yourself a few pennies will communicate all the wrong things to your client. You want your gift to truly reflect the quality of work that you do (further discussed in #2), and tell your client that you value them. Set a budget for your client gifts (this could be a set amount for all clients, or a set amount for clients from different services you offer), and stick to it.

Side tip: A rule of thumb is that a client gift should cost anywhere from 3-5% of what they invested into your business. So, if they spent $2000 on your service, your gift should cost between $60-$100.

"What would like to receive as a gift?" 

An easy way to keep yourself from giving gifts you like or prefer is to get to know your clients before you give them a gifts. This doesn't mean you have to go on 5 dates with a client before giving them a gift, and this doesn't mean that each gift needs to be completely different for each client. You client gifts can be unique and special to each individual client, and still be the same gift you give to all of your clients. But remember, you want to make the gift about them, so here's what you do:

Come up with a gift design that you know will make each client feel seen and cared for. You'll know what will make them feel this way by looking at the service they've come to you for. This, in a way, is getting to know your client before giving them a gift.

Example: Let's say you're a realtor, and you plan to give each client a gift at their home closing. You know that your client will have a new home that they'll be moving into... that's why they hired you. So, a fantastic gift idea would be a moving day survival kit! Stock up on beautiful, reusable storage baskets, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, paper plates, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, utility knives, and whatever else you can think of to make the moving day that much easier for them. You can pre-assemble 5, 10, 15+ of these survival kits a year, stack them in a closet, and grab one on your way to the home closing! It's so simple on your end, but will connect with your clients on a deeper level.

    2. Be sure to give a gift that's in alignment with the quality of work that you do.

    Most of us desire to do the best we can with the abilities we've been given. Our services are top-shelf, and our customer experience is unmatched. So, be sure your gifts focus on quality over quantity; they align with the overall value, aesthetic, quality and soul of you and your services.

    Here's what I mean: If your budget per client {3-5% of the $2000 they spent, remember?} is $60-$100, don't spread that budget thin in order to get 10 items into a dollar store gift bag. Instead, find 3-4 higher-quality items {possibly even on-brand} and place them in a nice, reusable vessel. The quality of the gift needs to align and reflect the quality of work that you do. This, again, will reassure your client that they chose the right {insert your profession here}, especially if you're giving this as an onboarding gift.

    3. Just like getting dressed up and presentable for a date, the presentation of your gift matters.

    The presentation of your gift should align with your brand and with the quality of the gift that's inside. Wrapping your gift in luxe wrapping paper, or packaging it in a repurposed basket, a linen bag or beautiful wooden box increases the perceived value of the gift to your client, and communicates to them that they were worth that extra time and/or money it took to present their gift so beautifully. Making the gift a whole experience starting from the moment your recipient sees it will make your gifts that much more impactful, meaningful and truly memorable!

    4. Give your client gifts at the same time, every time.

    It's easy for client gifts to slip your mind as you go through each client experience flow. Because of this, client gifts should be given at the same time, every time. This may take a little bit to get used to, but once it's in your routine, you won't forget. It's like flossing your teeth (if you're in the dental field, kindly skip this paragraph). You probably don't currently have "flossing" as part of your evening routine (and if you actually do, try applying what I'm saying to cleaning the lenses on your glasses every morning), so if you decide you'd like to start flossing every evening, it might take a week or two to get flossing implemented into your routine. But, after it's been implemented and you've gone a while with flossing in the evening, you'll really notice when you don't floss. Something will just feel "off" or like you forgot something, because you did. Same goes for when you give your client gifts at the same time, every time.

    5. Ask for help if you need to.

    My hope is that this blog post has inspired you to think deeper about your client gifts, and how you can align them more with your high-end business. I understand, though, that not everyone's talents are best utilized in the gift-creation realm. If you've made it this far in this blog post and you still feel you'd prefer someone else create your client gifts for you, I'd love to chat.

    I specialize in creating memorable gifts for business owners to gift to their clients; gifts for intentional connection. As you need, you can shop my pre-designed gifts where I've, you guessed it, pre-designed luxury gift designs for you to purchase. You can also shop Build-A-Box where you can pick and choose which luxe items you want in each gift. Both the pre-designed gifts and Build-A-Box come with the option to have a custom engraving placed on the lid of my signature wooden keepsake gift box. I also handwrite every card for you, and ship your gift directly to you or your client.

    If you're wanting to order in bulk and have me keep your gifts on-hand for you to do staggered shipments over a specified period of time, we can chat about my bulk or custom gifting services as well.

    I'm happy to help in any way you need!


    I hope this post was helpful in your journey towards creating and giving client gifts that align with your brand. As always, I'm here to help in your gifting process in any way I can!

    xx Kelsey

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