Gökotta [djuh-koo-ta]: (Swedish) To rise at dawn in order to listen to the first birds sing.

Gökotta [djuh-koo-ta]: (Swedish) To rise at dawn in order to listen to the first birds sing.

I so enjoyed designing the New Mercies gift box, and especially loved incorporating a few Christ-centered pieces into this memorable gift. As I sat in my office thinking of the best pieces to place in this gift, my mind wandered...

A calm morning -- sunlight gently touches a table adorned with a daily journal, a print reading "Your mercies are new every morning," a gourmet chocolate bar, and a slim gold pen.

The journal and its slim gold pen invites reflection and intention, every morning.

The print with its watercolor flowers hints at fresh beginnings—each day a chance to start anew.

A gourmet chocolate bar offers a sweet pause.

The Gökotta gift box curates more than items; it crafts an experience. It sets the stage for morning tranquility, gifting a serene moment to the recipient. This gesture becomes a memory cherished with every sunrise.

If you'd like to explore more and see how this gift can bring moments of serenity and connection to your loved ones, please visit our website.

Give an intentional gift; share a crafted moment.

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