FREE Teacher Gift Ideas

FREE Teacher Gift Ideas

This blog post is in connection with my previous post: "Top 5 Gift Boxes for Teacher Apprecation Week 2023" I know that we don’t always have the space in our budget for extra gifts like this throughout the year, so I wanted to offer you some fun and memorable, but free things you can offer up to your child's teacher this year!

  • Offer to come read to the class. Virtual or no visitors allowed? Record yourself reading and send it to your teacher to play for the classroom.
  • Volunteer to chaperone 1 or 2 field trips throughout the year.
  • Volunteer to help out with any extracurricular programs the school offers; specifically, the program(s) your child's teacher is in charge of.
  • In addition, volunteer for anything. Be proactive and ask if you’re needed.
  • Donate any extra items you may already have like snacks and pencils.
  • Donate books your children have outgrown to the classroom's library/bookshelf.
  • Ask the teacher if there are household items like paper towel rolls, packing peanuts, or cardboard boxes that you can collect throughout the year for crafts.

If this post was helpful, I'd be thrilled if you'd leave a kind comment below! I pray you have a beautiful end to the school year, and a cherished start to the summer season.

xx Kelsey

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