First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank

Wonderfully Made Client: First Interstate Bank (FIB)
Recipients: Board Members
Gift Goals: Welcome FIB board members as they arrived for a week of board meetings in Sioux Falls.
Other Details: FIB preferred the gifts be filled with edible items to be had throughout the week, as most attendees would be flying in with small luggage. They also liked the idea of midwest-themed items. WM coordinated the placement of these gifts into the hotel rooms of the attendees, and hand-wrote all of the welcome cards.

Packaging: Stained wooden gift box, filled with black crinkle paper, wrapped in orange chiffon ribbon, and sealed with a baby's breath stem and a gold wax seal.
Items sourced and used by Wonderfully Made:
- 4 macarons from Blush Bakery wrapped in black paper to match the gift's color palette
- 2 Mast chocolate bars
- Banner Road granola
- The Art of Caramel popcorn
- McCrea's Candies caramels
- 2 bottles of Prairie Berry wine (1 red wine inside the gift box, 1 white wine set outside the gift box)

FIB contacted us 13 days before these gifts were to be delivered. Typical turnaround for a custom order like this is 4-6 weeks, but with the help of our fantastic vendors, quick communication with FIB, and a dash of coffee, we were able to make it happen! It was so fun to play with a dark, rich color palette for these gifts, and teaming up with our first winery was the cherry on top!

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