Fika [fee-ka]: (Swedish) A moment to slow down.

Fika [fee-ka]: (Swedish) A moment to slow down.

When designing the Fika gift box, the scene that I hoped to create through this gift went something like this:

Afternoon light graces a table that holds an earth-green, handmade coffee cup with a dainty black coffee spoon in it, and a bite-sized piece of dark chocolate at its side. The coffee cup holds a comforting brew. Just one sip brings a moment of peace & tranquility. And this moment is a much-welcomed respite in a busy world. It's a moment of intentional living -- slowing down, cherishing the present, practicing balance and simplicity.

And this moment brings back memories of the person who gifted these beautiful items -- the coffee mug, coffee grounds, spoon and chocolate. And the memory is what keeps the connection between the giver and the receive going, even when no words, texts or glances have been exchanged.

This is what I hope the Fika gift box truly gives to each recipient. If you'd like to explore more and see how this gift can bring moments of serenity and connection to your loved ones, please visit our website.

Give an intentional gift; share a crafted moment.

Take care,
Owner of Wonderfully Made Gifting Company

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