Business Gifting - Tip #5: Presentation Matters

Business Gifting - Tip #5: Presentation Matters

Many studies have been done proving that even simply wrapping a gift elevates the gift in the recipient's eyes.

A $10 sheepskin bike seat cover placed in a kraft paper bag with sleek tissue paper, and a bow suddenly was valued at $12.

A $20 children's tea set displayed in a $5 wicker basket from the thrift store was guesstimated to be a $50-$60 tea set.

And a $50,000 car with a giant red bow on top jumped up $10,000 in perceived value.

And every recipient said that they felt far more appreciated when the gift was presented nicely, and agreed the gift was at least 2x more memorable in comparison to if the gift were just handed to them.

Presentation matters!

Packaging your gift in a repurposed basket, a linen bag, or beautiful wooden box (wink wink) increases the perceived value of the gift to your recipient, AND communicates to them that they were worth that extra time and/or money it took to present their gift so beautifully!

So, what is one, just ONE, way you could elevate your gift presentation?

Some ideas for you would be:
- Purchase some fun wicker baskets from the thrift store or Hobby Lobby (when they're 50% off, of course) to keep on hand for when you need to give a gift.
- Tuck mini bouquets of dried flowers under the bows of your gifts.
- Presentation doesn't just have to be on the outside. Try wrapping each item of the gift individually, and tucking them neatly inside a gift box.

Making your gift-giving a whole experience starting the moment your recipient sees the gift will make your gifts that much more impactful, meaningful and truly memorable!

Happy gifting, friends!

- Kelsey

P.S. I specialize in making memorable gifting simple for businesses & corporations. If you're considering giving gifts in your business, or already do, but need help with the process, I'd love to help you. Fill out this form, and I'll be in touch shortly!

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