Business Gifting - Tip #4: Give A Gift That's Best In Its Class

Business Gifting - Tip #4: Give A Gift That's Best In Its Class

Oftentimes, we think spreading our gifting budget over multiple items will be better received than spending it all on one item. We think quantity is greater than quality.

But think of this... Let's say you're a coffee lover, and a friend has $35 to spend on you. Of course, you'll be grateful to receive any gift, but would you feel more excited to receive A) a generic coffee mug, plus a pen, notebook, and a bunch of candy, or B) a Corkcicle mug in your favorite color?

I think most of you would pick option B. Both options cost $35, but the top-of-its-class Corkcicle mug is the gift you'll cherish and use (maybe even daily). And referring back to Tip #3, when you do use that Corkcicle mug in front of your friends, they'll ask "Where'd you get that??", and you'll proudly tell them who gifted it to you.

Think of it this way too: Does the quality of your gift reflect the quality of your product or service? If you claim to offer a top-class product or service, the gifts you give should most definitely align with this claim.

Mini Tip: Even if your gifting budget is $5, remember that there is incredible power in a handwritten card. Instead of giving generic swag with your logo on it, write a heart-felt note on a high quality greeting card, and get some vintage-style stamps to add some class. $5 can go a long way if you use it correctly.

Happy gifting, friends!

- Kelsey

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