Business Gifting - Tip #3: Give A Gift For Them, Not For You

Business Gifting - Tip #3: Give A Gift For Them, Not For You

About a year ago, I gave each of my VIP customers a curated gift box, and engraved/printed/stitched on every item were the words


On each. and. every. item.

Oh yah. They loved it.


"You can't be serious, Kelsey...?"

No, of course I'm not serious. That would be ridiculous... right?

So how come if that's ridiculous, there are so many businesses who put their logos all over their "thank you" gifts for their highly-appreciated and most loyal customers?

The gifts you give should be all about your recipient, not about you or your brand.

If you put your logo on it, it's a promotional item and marketing tool, not a gift.

And I totally get it. You want them to think of you when they use the gift, and you want others to learn about you as well! But here's some simple math for you:

Item + Logo = Good Will Bin

Item + No Logo = An Item They'll Use

Instead of paying extra for an item to be branded and given to Good Will, try spending the same amount on a slightly higher-quality item with no logo that will get used.

Personally, I am far more likely to use a trendy coffee mug than a plain white mug with your logo on it. And, whenever I use that trendy mug, I'll think of you, plus all of my friends will ask, "Where'd you get that??", to which I'll respond, "My super amazing (insert your profession here) got it for me! You should check her out!".

Get the picture?

And here's a plug for my company: I offer wooden gift boxes for a reason. I highly encourage my customers that if they're going to brand something with their logo, brand the box. Like Sarah Klongerbo did in the photo above, put your logo on the underside of the lid, and an inspirational phrase, their logo, or the recipient's first name on the top of the lid. This way they'll still use the keepsake box, but anytime they open it they'll think of you.

Give a gift for them, not for you.

Happy gifting!

- Kelsey

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