Business Gifting - Tip #2: Show That You See and Hear Them

Business Gifting - Tip #2: Show That You See and Hear Them

The gift you give should communicate more than just "thank you", "happy birthday" or "Merry Christmas". The gift you give should tell your recipient that you truly do see and hear him or her.

(P.S. We're going to go with "her" for this email.)

Would you believe me if I told you that the most memorable gift I've ever received was a pillow case? It's true. When I was in college, my now-husband and I dated long-distance and it was rough. I cried quite a bit, and typically into my pillow. Once, when he came to visit for my birthday weekend, he noticed my pillowcase had mascara stains on it, and so as a part of my birthday gift, he gave me a new stain-resistant pillow case. I was blown away at the thoughtfulness. I had never said anything to him about needing a new pillowcase. He noticed I was in need of something, and he gifted it to me.

In a similar way, when gifting to those important to your business (clients, visitors, employees, and other VIP's), be sure to take time to actually see and listen to them before choosing a gift.

When I say you need to see your recipient, I mean more than just the whole photoreceptors turning the light that's hitting your retina into electrical signals, and these electrical signals traveling from the retina through the optic nerve to the brain, and your brain turning the signals into the person you're seeing (this knowledge did not come from me, that's for sure).

I mean you see that she is desperately in need of a new coffee mug (get her a new one!), that she always wears pink (must be her favorite color!), or that she is always losing her car keys (get her one of those tracker things!).

In a similar fashion, you need to be sure to listen to her.

What has she told you in the past that she likes? What could really make her life easier? What is her favorite season, clothing brand, or cake flavor?

Giving a gift that aligns with something she's told you, or that you've seen she needs, can leave an impression that lasts even longer than the gift itself.

Mini Tip: Create a note on your phone where you store gift ideas based off of things you see or hear. Even if you're not planning to get her anything soon, you'll thank yourself later when you have that list to reference!

Happy gifting!

- Kelsey

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