Business Gifting - Tip #1: Don't Give During Normal Gifting Hours

Business Gifting - Tip #1: Don't Give During Normal Gifting Hours

For many business owners, gift giving means sending out a $10 Starbucks gift cards or a bottle of wine during the holiday season, and I'm here to tell you that, while this is a beautiful gesture, it's not going to make an impact. So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be sending out 6 tips for making your business gifts impactful, and, more importantly, truly memorable.

Tip #1: Don't Give At The "Right" Time

For real.

It's not out of the norm to receive gifts around the holidays, at your birthday or at the close of a project, while it's not a given to the recipient that that's going to happen, it also doesn't come as a surprise to them when it does happen.

What's missing is the Surprise & Delight factor.

Giving at an unexpected time can oftentimes be the difference between giving an impactful and memorable gift, and not.

The timing of your gift can be just as, or even more important than. the actual gift itself. So, I challenge you to get creative with the timing of your gifts.

Think of a time that is important to your recipient that others typically don't think about (wedding-, new home-, or adoption-anniversary), look at your project work-flow and find a time where you could send a gift (after she signs the contract, or after his second coaching meeting, for example), or just set a date on your calendar each year when you send your VIP's a surprise & delight gift.

Here are some detailed ideas for you:

Coaching Client Gifts: After she has signed the contract, send an onboarding gift that includes a notebook and a pen for her to take notes with at your coaching sessions.

Employee Birthday Gifts: Celebrate his HALF birthday. Deck his office/desk out with balloons, an Oh My Cupcakes! cupcake, and a gift, just like you would on his actual birthday. (But still be sure to at least give him a card on his actual birthday so he knows you didn't forget 😉.)

Wedding Gifts: Send the bride a self-care gift filled with lotion, a clay face mask, bath salts and a scrunchie 1-2 weeks before the wedding, encouraging her to take some time to relax during this busy time.

Christmas Gifts: To be sure the Christmas gifts to your VIP's don't get lost in the holiday shuffle, send them a Christmas-themed gift at the end of July, 6 months before Christmas!

These are just a few fun and unexpected times to send gifts to those that matter most to your business. If you come up with any other fun, unique ideas, I'd love to hear them! Just REPLY to this email!

Happy gifting!

- Kelsey

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