Bridal Gifts for an Upscale Wedding Venue

Bridal Gifts for an Upscale Wedding Venue

Wonderfully Made Client: Blue Haven Barn & Gardens
Recipients: The Brides of Blue Haven Barn & The Atrium (owned by Blue Haven)
Gift Goal: Give a memorable gift to each bride to show appreciation and to congratulate her on her marriage.
Other Details: Because they give so many gifts throughout the year, Blue Haven asked if there was anywhere we could cut down on cost of the gift boxes without compromising the quality of the items inside the box. We were happy to forego utilizing reusable gift vessels (wood or seagrass boxes, tote bags, etc.), and found a vendor with quality white paper boxes.

Packaging: White paper gift boxes with Blue-Haven-blue chiffon ribbon and a wax seal. The inside was filled with wood excelsior filler to gently hold the items in place.

Items used, designed and/or sourced by Wonderfully Made:

This lovely, intentional gift box met all the gift-needs of Blue Haven, and is sure to be cherished by each and every one of their brides. We were so happy to provide Blue Haven with a simple, stress-free gift option where all they needed to do was confirm our gift design proposal. And because they are a local-to-Sioux-Falls business, we were happy to hand-deliver all of their custom gifts to the Blue Haven venue.

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Happy Gifting!
- The WM Team

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