10 Gifts Ideas For Easter

10 Gifts Ideas For Easter

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Easter is nearly here, and we hope you have some peaceful, yet celebratory, plans in the works for this most important holiday.

Before the Easter weekend arrives, we wanted to give you some fun gift ideas for the different people surrounding you during the Easter holiday! Of course, you don't need to give each of these individuals gifts, but we wanted to be sure you thought ahead to whom you might like to give gifts to before Easter is knocking at your door.

For the Host

Who's hosting your Easter dinner? Is it your parents? Cousin? Friend? It takes alot of planning to clean the home, decorate, prep the food, and set up enough spots at the table for everyone attending Easter dinner. So don't forget to give a thoughtful gifts that says just how appreciative you are for all the time and effort they've put into making this joyous holiday so lovely. Here's a few ideas of gifts you can give for your Easter dinner host:

The Bless This Home Gift Box

This Christian-themed gift box will instantly evoke feelings of warmth and contentment that every home craves. Your host will cherish the conversation cards shared with those gathered around his or her dining table, and love the reminder that the "Joy Comes In The Morning" kitchen towel displays. You really can't go wrong with such a beautiful, Christ-centered gift for Easter!

Brunch Cocktail Ingredients

Mimosa beverage

A beautiful box full of the ingredients needed to make classic brunch cocktails makes for a delicious and memorable gift. Simply choose a single cocktail, such as a Mimosa or Bellini, and gift all the ingredients needed to make it. Easy-peasy, ...orange-squeezy?

For the Kids

Aside from the traditional easter egg hunt, here are a few fun gift ideas to show your kids, or the kids surrounding you this Easter, a little extra fun and love!

Cookies, of course!

Easter cookies by Andrea's Bake Shop in Sioux Falls, SD

DIY cookies (or pre-decorated cookies if you have really little kids) are always such a fun idea! If you have a local cookie baker, like our incredibly talented Andrea with Andrea's Bake Shop here in Sioux Falls, you can typically order DIY cookie decorating kits, or gorgeously decorated cookies, for whatever holiday you're celebrating!

An Easter Box

Surprise the kids with an additional hunt this Easter. Inside or outside (whatever the weather decides to allow...), hide Easter boxes, each engraved with one of the kids' names, full of goodies (candy, affordable toys, a Christ-centered book, etc.) for them to go find! They'll be so excited about this additional hunt and gift, and you, the adults, will soak up the extra minutes of silence!

Tip: the better you hide the boxes, the more peace and quiet you get!

For your Pastor

Pastors prep, plan and preach alot during the Lenten/Easter season. In addition to thanking your pastor in person for all he's done so far this year for you and the whole church congregation, consider giving him a memorable thank-you gift after the Easter service as well!

Gift Card to Dinner

We typically don't recommend gift cards as gifts, but this is an exception. Get a gift card to one of the *nicer* restaurants in town, and encourage your pastor to take a night out with his wife or friends. He deserves it!

The Movie Night Gift Box

"Take a night for yourself" is what this classy gift box is all about encouraging. This gift has all he needs to plop down on the couch after this long Easter season to enjoy a movie and a card game with his family or friends; just add the TV. 

For the Grandparents (from the grandkids)

Grandparents spoil their grandkids all the time, so why not let the grandkids spoil their grandparents {at least} once a year?? Here's some fun gifts that the kids will enjoy giving, and the grandparents will adore receiving.

The Sunday Morning Gift Box

This tasty and classic gift is perfect for the grandparents who love time spent around the table with their kids and grandkids, and creating lasting memories while possibly stuffing their faces with delicious syrup-hugged pancakes!

Tip: Choose the Wooden Box option for the gift's vessel, and add a custom engraving to the box to make the gift extra special. This engraving could even be a handwritten "I Love You" from one of the kids! Just scan the handwritten message to us and we'll engrave it on the box for you.


Luxury gift box with tea and caramels

Let each child choose an item that they'd like in the gift box, then explain in a card why each child chose the gift item they did! This is fun for the kids, for you (you never know what the silly/thoughtful/beautiful reasoning behind their choice will be!), and for the grandparents.

For the Friend without Easter Plans

Not everyone has friends or family in the area to celebrate Easter with. First off, if you have a friend without Easter plans, and you're hosting an Easter dinner, invite him or her over for your Easter celebration! But if that isn't in the cards for you, you can gift your friend one of these 2 gift box options from our Pre-Designed Gifts Collection:

The Prayer and Peace Gift Box (for her)

This uplifting, luxury gift box has been beautifully designed for a friend or colleague who loves and cherishes intentional time in prayer... perfect for the Easter season!

The Share and Savor Gift Box (for him or her)

This is a stunning charcuterie-themed gift box filled with crackers, cheese and salami, plus an appetizer how-to book and a black & bronze stainless steel cheese knife. Perfect for a guy or gal friend!


We hope you found some good inspiration from this blog post, and pray you have the most splendid Easter holiday!

God's Blessings,
- The WM Team

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